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Did you know that every day nearly 100 people die of a heart attack. Cardiac Arrest is the single biggest killer in Australia. This is why every minute, 180 to be precise, matters!


Having access to a community Defrib machine whilst you wait for the Paramedic team to arrive could make all the difference between life or death.


Djekic Health and Safety Services are delighted to become the local representatives for former Iron Man and Life Saving Champion, Guy Leech's Heart 180 Campaign. Our aim is to encourage local community groups as well as local businesses across the Blue Mountains come together to sponsor a Defrib machine for their local area. Designed to sit outdoors in an easy to access location, these units are easy to use and always 'on'. The team here at Djekic Health and Safety take care of installation, maintenance and provide community training. 

Download the Heart 180 pdf here to find out more about Guy's campaign.

If you want to join organisations already starting to roll out these units here in the Blue Mountains simply give Ed or Chris a call

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