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The Full Story

Chris Djekic Health & Safety Services in collabaration with Guy Leech from Heart 180 have formed a partnership to provide life saving defibrillators to communities and buisinesses alike.

Both Chris and Guy are passionate about ensuring these life saving devices are prominent in your community and rescue ready in the unfortunate event that a loved one, friend or passerby has a    Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Click the prices button. We will beat any competitive validated price.

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Our Mission

To have a Community Defibrillator within 180 seconds of every Australian

Sudden cardiac arrest, sometimes called cardiac arrest or SCA, is one of Australia’s biggest causes of death and disability. It affects an estimated 33,000 Australians each year.


Immediate CPR and defibrillation in the first few minutes may reverse a sudden cardiac arrest to save a person’s life and reduce any long-term neurological impairment.

Every minute counts when a person is in cardiac arrest. Without chest compressions and use of a defibrillator, a person in cardiac arrest will not survive.

It’s estimated that as few as 5% of these people survive to leave hospital and go home. A Heart 180 Defibrillator puts the odds in your favour.

"Any Attempt Of Resuscitation is Better Than No Attempt"

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