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The best advice we can offer you is to keep things simple and build on the positives. Because we focus on local businesses we have a good sense of the challenges that matter most to you.

Creatives Discussing Project

Whether it's dropping in for a short period over a coffee to help you address a particular safety issue or supporting you over the long term to help develop and maintain your safety system, we can help. 



Face to face, online or a hybrid version. Designing educational platforms or training specifically tailored for your business and your requirements. Engaging and fun, our Education and training is always popular.

Education &Training


Our site inspections assist businesses to identify potential hazards before they have a major impact on your bottom line. This may also assist in reducing your insurance premiums and more importantly may identify a risk before it causes an injury or incident. 


Click on these free safety templates to help guide you:

Use this checklist so that you can easily visualise where you may have some gaps in your safety procedures/policy. It's also a great way to start our conversation.

New to the role? Unsure how to start? This template becomes the basis of your WHS policy and procedures. Obviously, you will need to alter to suit your industry requirements.

Use this simple checklist as the basis of developing a more bespoke list of safety check's that you as the WHS Manager can use for internal inspections.

Trusted service providers for local organisations including:
Young Hands Holding Old Hands

Mix of consulting, education development and safety audits for this local Blue Mountains Aged Care provider 

Modern Houses

Mix of consulting, advisory and property safety inspection for this well known local Real Estate Business

Happy Store Manager

Mix of consulting, education development and safety audits for this well known local Disability Service provider

Disabilty Services

Real Estate Agents

Aged Care

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